Implementing adaptive master-detail layouts in Flutter

Usually, when developing apps for mobile phones, having too much screen real estate is not the problem. In fact, quite the contrary. Much thought has to be put into how to structure the app so that it does not feel cluttered. On tablets, it is a whole different story.

Let’s see what I am talking about through an example.

Result & source code

For the impatient, here’s what the result looks like on a mobile and tablet device:

The result of our tutorial.

The source code is available here. If you get stuck, here is the entire git diff for what it took to convert the existing app to be adaptive.

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Validating forms in Flutter

Coming from a native mobile development background, form validation has definitely been a pet peeve of mine. It’s not that validating forms is hard, but the thing is that it usually results in awkward looking code. Getting references to fields, finding out their values, validating them and manually displaying and hiding errors becomes cumbersome really fast.

With Flutter, form validation is much more enjoyable to work with. Let’s take a look why.

The sample app

See the sample app here.

Validating forms - the “old” Android way

To put things on perspective, let’s look at a typical form validation setup in a native Android development context.

The resulting app from our native Android sample code.

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Bringing the PageTransformer from Android to Flutter

Coming from a native Android developer background, I was ecstatic when the design support library came out. A lot of design guidelines and patterns existed, but there wasn’t officially supported libraries to implement them. One of those patterns was ViewPager, a component that has swipe gestures to flip through pages of data.

How the sample app for this article looks like.

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Flutter at Codemate

Most people, including me 4 months ago, don’t know what the heck Flutter is.

Yet another one of these frameworks

I accidentally stumbled upon Flutter when reading about Google’s Fuchsia. Hearing about Flutter being the native SDK for Fuchsia, I had to take a look.

I landed on the Flutter home page and spotted the sales pitch:

“Flutter is a new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android.”

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